What’s Bridges All About?


  • Bridges is a weekly gathering in a casual, friendly environment that encourages single adults to develop great friendships and healthy relationships.
  • We will gather at tables so we can get to know each other through sharing life experiences.
  • Based on our current meeting location we can seat up to 300 people.
  • Evenings will be filled with lots of laughter, relevant biblical teaching and group discussions designed for us to share life together.
  • The focus of our evenings will be on developing healthy relationships with God and others.
  • Bridges also hosts fun events for single adults of all ages. View our calendar and Facebook event page for more information.
  • Bridges community is not run and owned by a church. Bridges is a ministry of Principles to Live By, Inc., a Roseville non-profit religious organization that provides resources to churches including discipleship, ministry development and  counseling services. We exist thanks to your donations and sponsorships. While we are hosted by Life Community Church, we pay a fee to use their facility.
  • Bridges is for single adults of all ages. Bridges attenders range in age from people in their late 20’s to individuals in their early 80’s. All are welcome to participate and our organization does not focus on one particular age group.
  • Bridges is not a marriage market.  Our community is a great place to meet people, develop friendships and deepen faith.  We strongly encourage people to get to know each other and develop healthy relationships.  We also believe that a great date begins with a good friend.  You could say Bridges is all about developing “friendships.”  We have celebrated many marriages that were born at Bridges.  
  • Bridges is for people from all backgrounds, politics and beliefs. While our teaching is and will remain Christian and bible based, Bridges is a community that is open for anybody to attend if they wish. We do not discriminate. We have attendees from all social, ethnic, and political groups and we are made up of people who attend many different churches throughout the region.


Being married later in life, his personal experience, passion for single adults and commitment to Biblical living have helped him to identify with and counsel single adults very effectively. With a primary gift of leadership, Michael enjoys developing people and has a fresh, authentic style of teaching that relates well to others who have experienced life in the real world.

Contact: [email protected]

Bridges meets from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every Sunday
Life Community Church
10020 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747