Bridges is a great place to get in a great community of Christian singles. I have made some of my best friendships/relationships at Bridges. Friendships that will last a lifetime. We are a God-created family doing life together.

Pastor Michael teaches all of us to always seek God’s living word and to dive head first into our community. The word of God is always shared and taught at Bridges. Love one another is what Jesus told us to do above all else and that is lived out at Bridges. 

Tammy Montoya

I have really enjoyed the fellowship and love of Christ in Bridges. Michael is a hard working Christian leader that loves the Lord. I have been part of this great group for over 2 years and have made several amazing friends. Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming and I quickly realized that I was in an environment of excellent leadership. Bridges continually meets friendship, fellowship and spiritual growth.

I am forever grateful ~ God Bless!

Marlene Bowden

Bridges provides a safe non-judge mental place to connect with other single adults and make deep lasting friendships with both sexes.

It also provides a place to honestly look at your own personal situation with teaching designed to help us heal from the wounds of sin and broken relationships.

Bridges can also provide a place for restoration and opportunities for you to serve our mighty Lord again if that is something God puts on your heart.  

Jon Brown

Bridges has meant the world to me! I have been attending Bridges for almost the entire time. I have really enjoyed the people at Bridges – starting with Michael Baggett the leader and each new friend I have met at the round tables. The messages are dynamic and real and have the Bible as the foundation for each message. Bridges provides me with a positive place to connect with like-minded friends. I look forward to every Sunday! 

Julie Ann Gordon


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