Sunday, Feb. 6, Bridges had guest speaker Phillip Escamilla to continue the current series on The Transforming Power of Relationships.  Phil encouraged us to think about two very powerful words: intentional and authenticity.  Intentional means done with intention or on purpose.  Now compare that with authenticity: the quality of being authentic or genuineness.  Phil’s message centered on our own authentic intentions of who God created each one of us to be and that is the path to experiencing true joy.  God created each one of us very uniquely and we have to be intentional with  our trust in God as an act of obedience.  Our trust in God means both being willing to make goals based on our trust in God as well as being willing to give up things also based on our trust in God.  God does have a plan for each one of us, and He alone knows our future.  An important part of being our authentic selves is knowing and accepting who we are – as God made us to be.  True joy will come from pursuing God’s will, God’s truth, and God’s passion – as He has equipped us with the desire to pursue each of these things.  

God wants only the best for each of us.  He wants us to let doubt and worry go.  He wants us to be free from all the ‘stuff’ of this world.  He wants us to live in the freedom that he has called us to live in.  Join Bridges on Sunday, Febuary 20th and hear how Michael Baggett continues this series – YOU ARE invited!