As I entered Bridges this week, I was met with festive people like myself.  On the outside, we were all dressed in our Christmas colors, but on the inside we are each holding onto very different things.  Michael Baggett continued his message ‘What More Do We Need?’  He began with a video – The God Who Sees.  He followed that video with citing the bible from Matthew 6: 31-34 and 24-30.  Those passages are about not worrying about such meaningless things and about having Faith in God that He will work everything out for each one of us.


Michael continued on with explaining what it means to have ‘true faith.’  He used Hebrews 11:1 to illustrate his point about faith.  The verse is this – Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  As you heard in the video clip, he asked a few questions to which everyone was right on point with each answer.  I heard that having ‘true faith’ is believing God, and not just believing in God.  That is a point that we each have to come to realize for ourselves.

Michael wrapped up a discussion question with stating that we all need genuine encouragement, physical touch, true faith, and that we all need to grieve and deal with anticipatory grief.  Listen hear for how he defines anticipatory grief.

He defined the notion of anticipatory grief as many of us looking at what is coming and then anticipating more loss.  That is not what having ‘true faith’ means.  We are to look to God and not to things of this world.

His final point comes out of Matthew 8: 5-10 and Mark 6: 1-6.  Jesus was amazed two times – the first by faith , and the second by lack of faith.  He ended with this blessing for each one of us.

Michael’s Blessing for us! – May this year truly be a year of faith and intimacy in every way!     #donate