Tonight was Bridges Jingle Jiggle Event and Michael Baggett returned with a very inspirational and encouraging message for us.  He opened the night with a table discussion question: What brings a good deal of satisfaction to you?  As the table discussion ended, Michael illustrated a powerful point with John 15:13 – There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  As he read the surrounding verses, some key points that stuck out to me were; God came to give!, let us show the truth by our actions, be confident, and we can come to God with bold confidence.

     Michael identified 5 ways we each use for ‘Finding Satisfaction’ and then he challenged each one of us to tell the people at our tables which one we might need to put more effort in this next year.  These 5 ways are: 1. Have the right Friends, 2. Live constantly with achievable Goals, 3. Have a Life Story, 4. Serve – Make life about others, and 5. Keep Growing.  Michael ended this message with an invitation for each one of us to keep growing.  He went on to say how some of the most attractive people are people with an insatiable appetite to learn and grow.  As you watch this video clip, think about which area you can put more effort into as we begin 2022!